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Protected: Resources

Addiction + Connection 

Gabor Mate on addiction

Tech Addiction

Kids, Adolescents and Young Adults

Avoiding Power Struggles

Low-Frustration Tolerance

Young Adults

Emerging Adulthood

Identity Issues 

What your child doesn’t want you to know

On Children – a poem by Kahlil Gibran

Brainstorm by Dan Siegel

Attachment + Attunement 

Do you really see your child? Article NY Times 

Do you really see your child? (webinar)

Racial identity and attachment 


Attachment style quiz!

The Attachment Project

Containing: how to create emotional safety in relationships

I hear you – book by Michael Sorensen

Still Face Experiment

Co-dependency and healthy boundaries

AA and CODA meetings 

Drama triangle and the three faces of the victim 

Co-dependency and co-participation 


Healthy detachment 

When is it time for guidance?

Healthy emotional boundaries based on the dance of anger 

Dance of Anger (book)

Control vs influence

Letting go of outcomes

Understanding and Healing codependency (a webinar with Jenna Pacelli)

Codependency and coparticipation

Motivational Interviewing

Boundaries and self care

Letting go of outcomes


8 tools for transforming your relationships

Emotions vocabulary – for kids and for adults 

How to work with resistance without making it worse

The I feel statement and healthy communication

Co-parenting and divorce/separation 

Coparenting and parental alienation 



Hold me tight – 7 Conversation for a lifetime of Love (book)

Getting the love you want – book

Getting the love you want – workbook for couples

Conscious Loving – book

How to be an adult in relationships – book


Autism Spectrum Disorders



Digest Zen info

Peppermint softgels info 

Terrazyme info 

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Diversity, equity and inclusion 

Coming out

Essential oils 

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Family Systems 

Family of origin

The identified patient

Family Conflict

Focus & Concentration training

Productivity Planner (pomodoro system)

Bullet Journal

Healthy relationships

The three circles 

What is your work? 

The myth of being right 


Couples work 

Getting it right vs getting it real

Guilt, Blame and Accountability 

Esther Perel on desire and maintaining long term relationships

Holistic Health  & Food

Crowding out (article) 

Intuitive eating (Book) 

The China Study : the most comprehensive study on nutrition ever conducted

Plant based diet made easy – save money and time!


Gift giving 

Emotional triggers and dysregulation during the holidays

Mindfulness + Meditation

Insight, Experience, & Discovering The Nature of The Authentic Self

Headspace app

Fit Mind app – Mind training

Yoga nidra with Jenna – intro + benefits PDF

Yoga nidra with Jenna audio intro

Yoga nidra with Jenna audio meditation


Gaslighting, Parenting and the Narcissistic Wound



Parenting from the inside out part 1 

Parenting from the inside out part 2

13 things not to say to your children 

Expectations of perceived success

The relationship between your inner child and parenting


Fathers and Sons

Getting the support you need and deserve

Trust, permission, forgiveness 

Risk Taking Behavior

Balancing self in parenting


Sensation vocabulary 

Somatic Psychology 101 w/ Jenna 

Therapy Theory and Models

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy



What is traumatic memory? 

Trauma-proofing yourself

Just like riding a bike – article + practice with Jenna

Trust + Letting Go

The Universe Has Your Back – by Gabby Bernstein

The Language of Letting Go – Book. App.

Wilderness and aftercare 

Why home therapy and support groups are valuable

Preparing for Transition: Relapse and Regression